The PAR movement in Eastern Mindanao is growing faster than we have anticipated. PAR Bukidnon now have their own coffee buying and processing operations complete with all equipment. Because of this, more coffee farming communities are joining the Coffee For Peace network.

Meanwhile, a number of people’s community organizations are working together towards inclusive development in the areas of various livelihood initiatives, such as: vegetable farming and marketing; bamboo product manufacturing; and, brick-making using silts and palay hull. These are all framed in Peace and Reconciliation (PAR) Principles — that is harmony with the Creator (spiritual transformation), with one’s being (psycho-social transformation), with the other (socio-political transformation), and with creation (economic-ecological transformation).

So, our team came to train 14 more PAR community organizers and inclusive development workers from the tri-people of Mindanao. Lumads, Muslims, and Christians articulated and presented Peace and Reconciliation Principles from their respective worldviews, value systems, and behavior patterns.

We also shared hearts and minds with the elders of the PAR Community in Bukidnon about the various inclusive development initiatives.

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