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We are led by trusted women and men who are motivated by love and joy to help transform our land and peoples towards justice and peace.

Emil Jonathan


Pastor Jon is passionate and highly motivated educator with demonstrated track record fostering student learning. He possesses good people skills and good facilitation skills. Jon is a member of the Justice, Peace, and Reconciliation Commission (JPaRCom) of the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches (PCEC). He’s a freelance facilitator and trainer for Micah Global Philippines and Christian Convergence for Good Governance (CCGG). As a Fellow in Theology at the Institute for Studies in Asian Church and Culture (ISACC), he contributes Peace Theology to the biblical-theological conversation in the country.

Asked how his evangelical leadership would contribute to peacebuilding: “To plant seeds of shalom in my children, my church community and among fellow pastors and leaders. To create faith communities that embodies shalom in their spheres of influence.  Develop new theologies that are organic and growing out of its local context. To create an alternative learning way of life and re-imagining theological education, a departure from our theological institutions.”


aka JOBELYN P. BASAS, Member

Jobee obtained her Bachelor of Science Degree in Community Development from Southern Christian College, Midsayap, Cotabato. She is a proud Erumanen Ne Menuvu — one of Mindanao’s indigenous peoples. Her tribal name is Sihaya Ansibod — “The Enlightened One”. Prior to coming to PBCI, she served as a psycho-social worker in an organization advocating and working for children’s rights.

Asked about her experience working with PBCI staff: “Working with PeaceBuilders is an opportunity to learn new things and also having this unique experience of working with people I consider as family and friends. My co-workers at PeaceBuilders are family that love me, appreciate me, and motivate me; they are also friends that accept and respect me. I am happy that I belong to this community.”



Malou brings a healthy mix of traditional indigenous wisdom and modern scientific knowledge in this Peace and Reconciliation (PAR) movement. Her educational training — Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and Master of Arts in Public Administration — prepared her well for this movement. Her PAR dreams and energies are mostly channeled through her work as Associate Professor of Public Administration at the Kalinga State University in Tabuk City.

Asked about the impact of PAR principles in her life and work: “The concepts of peace and harmony being taught by PeaceBuilders Community gave me a deeper understanding of my own basic relationships—with the Creator, with my being, with others, and with the creation. These notions of peace and harmony made a positive impact in my personal life, my family, and even in my academic profession.”

Bennette Grace


Bennette served as our Director of Support Operations for several years. In those times of emergencies due to war and natural disasters, Bennette and her team proved to be efficient and effective in their logistical operations. She’s now a consultant among international organizations in the field of Disaster Risk Reduction & Management. She and her husband are also running their own social business together.

Asked about her motivation for returning to Mindanao, she said: “My heart goes out for the people in Mindanao especially the victims of armed conflicts—children and youth alike. May the Lord extend his arms through me, to let them know that they are not alone in their struggles, that they are loved by the Heavenly Parent, the God of peace.”



Pastor Norman has been with us since the beginning of PeaceBuilders Community, serving as our spiritual adviser. He earned a masters degree in Pastoral Leadership (with honours) from the Asian Theological Seminary in Quezon City. In 2010, Norman was invited to visit Canada to participate in the International Mennonite Pastors Coming Together (IMPaCT 2010). There, he was immersed in Peace Theology, saw its impact in the Canadian society, and started asking what it means to be a follower of the Prince of Peace in a conflicted land like the Philippines.

Asked about the impact of PBCI to him as a pastor in Mindanao: “God has used this community to introduce me and to help me understand better and clearer God’s work of justice and peace building through non-violent means. God has also used this community to deal with my prejudices, discrimination and my religious and cultural animosity towards the Muslims and other tribal groups, and to transform them into attitudes of compassion, respect and friendship.”



Tayna has been a faithful partner in this ministry for more than a decade. She has a bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts and also finished her graduate studies in Business Entrepreneurship from the University of Asia and the Pacific. With her spiritual gift of discernment, Tayna has been walking with the leadership of PBCI through our times of trials as well us through our times of triumphs.

Asked about her understanding of peace and peace theology: “Peace. If you have Christ in you, you have harmony with the rest of the world. Peace Theology means we work for Just-Peace without the use of arms.”



Joseph is known among pastors and Christian leaders in the Philippines as an effective leadership development teacher. He’s ‘Boyet’ to his family and friends. He completed his bachelors degree in Development Communications and masters degree in Development Management  from the University of the Philippines. He was the Director for Transformational Development at the Asian School of Development and Cross-Cultural Studies (ASDECS). He currently serves as Executive Vice President for Organizational & Program Development at PBCI.

Asked about his perspective of our connections as human beings, he said: Where ever we are and regardless of what we are into, we share the same heart – created in God’s image – with innate value and dignity as human being. Our lives are joined together and we share each others’ joy as well as pain.


Founding President & Chiarman of the Board

The “Rev.” before Dann’s name refers more to his being a “revolutionary” than being a “reverend.” Lakan Sumulong is his indigenous name. Lakan seeks to submit his creativity to the creativity of the CREATOR; to continually experience both the transcendent and the immanent shalom-salaam of the CHRIST; to be consistently energized by the ultimate energy of the COMFORTER. He loves the beauty of God’s creation; he’s curious and amazed by the human imagination and creativity.

Asked how he looks at his current journey as a peacebuilding missionary: “My current spiritual journey has led me to commit my energies to help in the transformational development of the people of the Philippines based on a Peace Theology.  Submitting to God’s sovereignty and motivated by the love of Jesus Christ, I envision to contribute to the salaam-shalom between various people groups representing different cultures and ideologies in this beautiful land.”

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