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We are led by trusted women and men who are motivated by love and joy to help transform our land and peoples towards justice and peace.



Chito’s sense of humor lightens up the hearts and minds of people especially when they are going through trials in life. His spiritual gifts of giving and encouragement are appreciated by his family and friends. Being a businessman, Chito helps PBCI as we develop creative ways to make this ministry a self-supporting, giving, and enabling community of peacebuilding consultants. His education from the University of the Philippines prepared him to see our land and people from the lenses of justice and peace.

Asked how he can help achieve peace in our land: “Peace can be achieved through dialogue and persuasion without the use of arms and violence. By doing our best to live harmoniously with our brothers, sisters, and the whole of creation, we can achieve true peace. Also, by respecting our differences, we can accomplish genuine shalom with others.” 


Joji’s initial training was in Food Service Administration from the University of Santo Tomas (B.Sc., 1979). She also studied International Relations at the Asian Center, University of the Philippines. She moved to Canada in 1986 and since then developed a successful career in the investment and financial industry. After 20 years, she decided to return to the Philippines, realizing that a sustainable economic development is crucial to our people’s search for just-peace. She believes that genuine, effective peace advocacy must be economically-sustainable.

Asked why she left her career in Vancouver, Canada for Mindanao: I can’t imagine having a summary of my life printed on my tombstone as: “Spent her life managing rich people’s money.”I want to be remembered as: “A person who walked with the people as they find dignity through sustainable economic development.”



Tayna has been a faithful partner in this ministry for the past several years. She is the Davao City station manager of TV5, a national television and radio network. She has a bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts and also finished her graduate studies in Business Entrepreneurship from the University of Asia and the Pacific. With her spiritual gift of discernment, Tayna has been walking with the leadership of PBCI through our times of trials as well us through our times of triumphs.

Asked about her understanding of peace and peace theology: “Peace. If you have Christ in you, you have harmony with the rest of the world. Peace Theology means we work for Just-Peace without the use of arms.”



Joy brings her gifts of service, encouragement, and giving in this Board of Trustees. With her degrees in Botany and Hotel & Restaurant Management, both from the University of the Philippines in Diliman, she is conversant with ecological-economic transformation issues in peacebuilding. Her business skills also help us in the development of PBCI as a national, sustainable peace and reconciliation ministry in the Philippines.

Asked whether she would join to be a part of a peacebuilding team in an armed-conflicted area: ” Yes. I would. I understand there would be risks, but I trust the leadership of PBCI that they will exercise sound judgment and will assess every situation carefully before they make a decision to send their members to a particular area.”



Rosabel is one of the original incorporators of PeaceBuilders Community. She has been contributing to the growth of this organization through her expertise in mining and geology as it impacts the economy and ecology of Mindanao and the Philippines. A graduate of the University of the Philippines in Diliman, she is aware of the justice issues in the Philippine mining industry. After finishing our advanced course in peace and reconciliation training, PBCI commissioned her to make a study of the mining issues from the perspective of our Shalom Theology.

Asked about her role in the development of our position paper about the Philippine mining industry: “I’m glad to be a part of a community that thinks biblically as we face the economic-ecological challenges before us as followers of Jesus Christ. I praise God for allowing me to use my training as we contribute to the transformation of our country.” 



Pastor Norman has been with us since the beginning of PeaceBuilders Community, serving as our spiritual adviser. He earned a masters degree in Pastoral Leadership (with honours) from the Asian Theological Seminary in Quezon City. In 2010, Norman was invited to visit Canada to participate in the International Mennonite Pastors Coming Together (IMPaCT 2010). There, he was immersed in Peace Theology, saw its impact in the Canadian society, and started asking what it means to be a follower of the Prince of Peace in a conflicted land like the Philippines.

Asked about the impact of PBCI to him as a pastor in Mindanao: “God has used this community to introduce me and to help me understand better and clearer God’s work of justice and peace building through non-violent means. God has also used this community to deal with my prejudices, discrimination and my religious and cultural animosity towards the Muslims and other tribal groups, and to transform them into attitudes of compassion, respect and friendship.”



The “Rev.” before Dann’s name refers more to his being a “revolutionary” than being a “reverend.” He is a plowshare and a pruning hook, transformed and re-shaped from the best spear and sword materials (Isaiah 2:4). Dann seeks to submit his creativity to the creativity of the CREATOR; to continually experience both the transcendent and the immanent shalom-salaam of the CHRIST; to be consistently energized by the ultimate energy of the COMFORTER. He loves the beauty of God’s creation; he’s curious and amazed by the human imagination and creativity.

Asked how he looks at his current journey as a peacebuilding missionary: “My current spiritual journey has led me to commit my energies to help in the transformational development of the people of the Philippines based on a Peace Theology.  Submitting to God’s sovereignty and motivated by the love of Jesus Christ, I envision to contribute to the salaam-shalom between various people groups representing different cultures and ideologies in this beautiful land.”

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