At PeaceBuilders Community, our goal is to inspire smart conversations and ignite a thirst for change.

We value intelligent, issue-based conversations because we believe it is a critical next step towards change.

We encourage you to use the comments section to voice your thoughts about our stories. We ask that you keep a level head and an open mind as you discuss the complexities of issues.

These guidelines will help ensure the quality of these conversations.

  1. Stay on point. Off topic comments, even nicely written ones that have nothing to do with the story, will be removed.
  2. Obscenities will not be tolerated. The system will immediately filter out posts with curse words. Replacing certain letters with special characters like “_!#$%” won’t work either. Posts that contain obscenities and expletives will not see the light of day.
  3. No room for hate. To ensure that this site remains a safe space for everyone, regardless of race, creed, color, or sexual orientation, we will strictly enforce a zero-tolerance policy against any form hate speech — comments that “incite violence or vilify a protected person or group.”
  4. No personal attacks. Treat everyone with respect. Attempts to harass, insult and/or damage the reputation of others are unacceptable. Choose your words wisely, if you feel the need to be a bit more aggressive to stress a point, make sure it is not at the expense of another person. Avoid name calling. If you make an accusation, substantiate it.
  5. No spam, porn or illegal material. This is pretty much self explanatory. You know the drill.
  6. Smear campaigns. Goons for hire have found their way to the Internet, trolls paid to spread black propaganda. Don’t forget, libel is a criminal offense. It constitutes but is not limited to “malicious imputations that tend to cause dishonor or discredit anyone.” We have ways of knowing so be warned.


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We are creating an environment where people can have intelligent, issue-based, respectful, engaging and fun conversations. While the Internet allows for free expression, we will also ensure that conversations are civil and respectful so that intelligent and thoughtful conversations rule. PeaceBuilders Community Moderators reserve the right to delete comments that take away from this experience and they have the final say. Repeat offenders run the risk of losing their commenting privileges for good. If you have any other questions about PeaceBuilders Community, you may email  Also check out our Site Use Policy.

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