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PAR is the heart of our ministry.

PEACE. The concept of peace — from the Hebrew term shalom and the Arabic term salaam —  is understood here as:

RECONCILIATION. This is focused on building relationships between antagonists. The primary goal is to seek innovative ways to create a time and a place to address, to integrate, and to embrace

  • the painful past and
  • the necessary shared future as a means of dealing with
  • the present.

PAR MOVEMENT. Through the eyes of faith, we envision a PAR Movement based on salam-shalom. We see our land enjoying a God-initiated wave towards a taste of salam-globalization. We see various peoples’ initiatives toward making our land and people harmonious in all their relationships. We see our local communities influenced by a culture of peace.

This PAR Movement starts with a nationwide education, organization, and mobilization plan.

1. We’ll discern a PAR Leader in every province who practice a set of biblical leadership ethics.  PAR Leaders are respected women- and men-of-peace. This principle is from Jesus’ instruction to the seventy people he sent out:

“When you enter a house, first say, ‘Peace to this house.’ If someone who promotes peace is there, your peace will rest on them; if not, it will return to you.  Stay there, eating and drinking whatever they give you, for the worker deserves his wages. Do not move around from house to house.”(Luke 10:5-7 NIV)

A person of peace must be discerned and would have the following characteristics:

  • Prioritizes Kingdom values in her or his life.  Righteousness, justice, peace, and mercy are very important to this person.
  • Earns the respect of people.  This person’s family and community regard him or her as trustworthy.
  • Accepts and welcomes strangers.  This person is hospitable.
  • Cares about your safety and security.  This person becomes your protector.
  • Expands your connections to a network of key leaders.  This person serves as your ‘public relations officer’.

This person of peace must also be discerned communally. The discernment process will be done in consultation with each province’s fellowship of pastors and Christian leaders.  PAR Leaders are respected women- and men-of-peace who are actively modelling a person who demonstrates

  • a heart of a servant;
  • a soul of a teacher;
  • a mind of a manager; and,
  • the strength of a leader.

2. We will facilitate the organization of PAR Communities in every province under the leadership of the PAR Leader. These PAR Communities are groups of community leaders—church leaders, local government leaders, civil society organization leaders, academic leaders, business leaders, or any mix of these—

  • who have expressed interest to have a working relationship with us as a consulting and training team focused on Peace and Reconciliation, or as a training arm of the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches’ PAR Commission (PCEC-PARCom);
  • who have made a commitment to embrace Peace Theology;
  • who have invited us to teach them our PAR Seminar Series;
  • who have a vision to work with us in developing a PAR Program needed in their area; and,
  • who have organized themselves as a catalyst group to organize PAR Teams in their particular province.

3. We’ll help organize PAR Teams. PAR Teams are composed of local volunteers from various communities who are trained for 8 months to be an on-going, rapidly-mobilized teams who will implement their PAR Communities’ programs. The general objectives of PAR Teams are:

  • to promote peace and reconciliation in our land by giving skilled, courageous support to communities experiencing various conflicts
  • to inspire various parties-in-conflict to discard violence in favor of nonviolent action as a means of settling differences
  • to provide various communities with first-hand information and resources for responding to situations of conflict, and to urge their active involvement
  • to interpret a nonviolent perspective to the media and to our nation as a whole

4. We’ll facilitate the development of PAR Programs. PAR Programs are peace-building action plans that are discerned by the PAR Communities as they get immersed in the challenges and opportunities in their local contexts. These programs include:

  • Community Organization
  • Peace Education
  • Armed Conflict Area Survival Training
  • Fact-Finding Missions
  • Conflict Transformation
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Trauma Healing
  • Inter-Faith Dialogue
  • Cross-Cultural Communications
  • Fair Trade Initiatives

Imagine.  By December 31st, 2020, each of our 80 provinces will have a circle of God-fearing, justice-and-peace-oriented leaders called PAR Communities, who will organize, nurture, and oversee various PAR Teams, who will, in turn, implement just-peace oriented PAR Programs in their local contexts. This ten-year plan governs all the current activities of PeaceBuilders Community as indicated in our Field Operations Map.

Because we see through the eyes of faith, we see a higher reality. We see so much hope! And we are motivated to work with love and joy to help transform our land and people towards justice and peace!

PeaceBuilders Community, Inc.
01 January 2011


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  1. Maxie

    A lot of children are primed for armed conflict resolution. They are bought toy guns by their fathers. The toys are so realistic and at a certain age they are involved in battle games via the internet. Their mind reflexes are primed to choose violent ways than peaceful ways. Soon the children becomes adults and they have children for which they buy toy guns too and computer games that promote war and conquest.

    History books present bullies as heroes. They praise conquerors instead of agriculturists. They praise warriors instead of vegetable traders. No one writes that conquerors are bad examples. Cultural dances are often mixed with someone brandishing a sword or spear and afterwards everybody clap their hands. How can we promote a culture of peace when rewards, praises and medals go to the swordsman and not to the carabao breeder?

    There is more foundational matters to do with our toddlers and ignorant fathers who patronize the war toys industry. It is too late when we look for the killer and seek justice. We cut the fruits and ignore the roots.

    I just finished conflict resolution and alternative dispute resolution as masteral units. They deal with consequences rather than laying the seeds of peace in the first place. It is always curative–not preventive.

    A generation dies in 60 years. Those who were raised playing with war toys will be gone in 2062. Let us start advocacy of peaceful and IQ improving toys rather than “killing toys”. That is a way of having men and women of peace. A living example is the Mennonite philosophy taught from childhood and maintained until seniorhood. It can be done. Strike the roots. Plant a tree of peace. A vegetabel of peace. And we will enjoy the fruits of peace.

    1. Darnell

      Wow! Thank you for your comment. In light of the recent violence in Newtown and continuing violence globally your words ring so true.

  2. refluks

    Hi. This website is very interesting.

  3. ronilo megriño

    i support all workers of genuine peace,its a divine legacy that we could bring out a brighter future to our children’s children.

  4. alvin larida

    im very proud that our school organized an organization namely as Peace Builder Club… and it is now existing for many reasons that occur in our society specifically here in mindanao…. as an answer for the social relation, economic crisis and spiritual needs of every individual…

    1. PeaceBuilders Community, Inc.

      Thanks for your response, Alvin. God bless the Peace Builders Club in your school.

  5. Magsaysay Abella

    I am now enrolled on master on Christian leadership which my professor is Ptr. Joy Gabasa, I was very interested on this particular subject for I know that conflict management/resolution is not only particular in Mindanao, but also in all areas where you can sense that there is a conflict and needs to intervene the peace builder.

    In this regards, how can we established peace builder in our province of Occidental Mindoro, considering this is also needed in our province.

    Looking forward to hear you soon.

    God bless!

    Pastor Magsaysay Abella

    1. PeaceBuilders Community, Inc.

      God bless your journey on peacebuilding, Pastor Abella. A representative of PeaceBuilders Community will soon connect with some Christian leaders in Mindoro soon. God bless you!

  6. Ptr. Enrique S. Guevarra

    The vision casting session presented to Region 10 Core Leadership Forum today, 27th of June 2011 at Cagayan de Oro City has opened my understanding on peace initiatives. With the PAR movement, I see no reason why we cannot live side by side with other groups of people in peace and harmony inspite of cultural and diversified beliefs and spiritual inclinations. God bless Philippines !

    1. PeaceBuilders Community, Inc.

      Thank you for your encouraging words and affirmation, Pastor Guevarra. We are so excited to see what God might be doing in Mindanao and the Philippines as we move on together towards a peaceful and reconciled Philippines!

  7. Pionel

    I can no longer bear your songs, ” LOVE! LOVE! ”

    The work of dive love is reconciliation through JUSTICE and TRUTH. :)

    mabuhay ang nag susulong ng kapayaan at pag kakasundo ng bawat isa!

    1. PeaceBuilders Community, Inc.

      You’re right, Pionel. Love without justice and truth is hollow. Patuloy nating isulong ang kapayapaan at pagkakasundo ng bawat isa dahil sa pag-ibig ni Kristo.

  8. We should not only look into the matters of peace but we have to do it on hand…because that what our Master did…

    Huwag lang tayong tumingin at dumada…kumilos tayo gaya ng ginawa ni Kristo…


    1. PeaceBuilders Community, Inc.

      Salamat sa fellowship natin kanina, Norie. Masaya kami sa PeaceBuilders dahil nagkakilala tayo at makakasama ka namin sa pagsusulong ng makatarungang kapayapaan sa Pangalan ni Kristo.

      1. norie

        Tinatanaw kong pagkilos ng Diyos ang lahat ng mga kaganapan sa pagkakapanagpo natin, pati na rin ang pagkakaisa namin sa YSA na maging kabahagi ng layunin at paglalakbay ng PB… sama sama tayo sa pagsusulong ng makatarungang kapayapaan sa pangalan ni Kristo

  9. liz pantoja-llamoso

    Praying for you always..God bless your team and your ministry

    1. PeaceBuilders Community, Inc.

      Thank you for your words of blessings, Liz! May you and your loved-ones be embraced by Peace.

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