The 21st Century world is getting smaller because of rapid advances in communications and transportation technologies. The local affects the global as much as the global affects the local. We live in a “glo-cal” world!

Our local issues and advocacies are caused — directly or indirectly — by the dynamics of various global forces. For example, the search for energy sources by the highly industrialized and fuel-intensive economic systems are exploiting the lands and peoples of smaller countries who happen to be rich in natural resources.  In many cases, local armed conflicts are actually extensions of global economic or military wars.

Local voices must be heard by global ears! The repercussions of global actions must be discerned through local perceptions and evaluations!

This is the reason why we, at PBCI, open ourselves to our global community with the widest embrace as we can. We also seek to take roots within, and among, our local communities as deep as we can so that we can bloom and produce fruits wherever we’re planted.

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We seek to become deeply rooted in each locality where we are invited by genuine community leaders. Local contextualization is the only way we see the work of peace and reconciliation actually blooming where they are planted.   PeaceBuilders Community and Coffee for Peace has been working with the Talaandig First Nation in the areas …


Though PeaceBuilders Community, Inc. is a mission organization sent by Mennonite Church Canada, one of our primary mandates is to relate and work with national bodies whose respective visions and missions resonate with ours.   PBCI is a Christian peace building mission affiliated with a national church — the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches. PCEC …


Our local advocacies are globally communicated and heard because we were sent as peace missionaries by a global family of Christian peacemakers.   Peace Mennonite Church, Richmond, British Columbia, is a congregation of Mennonite Church Canada. They initiated this peace building mission to the Philippines by commissioning Dann & Joji Pantoja as its peace workers. …

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