The Principles for Peace (P4P) Southeast Asia launch took place on 11th July 2023 in Davao City, Philippines. Organized by the Principles for Peace Foundation in collaboration with the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC), Initiatives for International Dialogue (IID), International Center for Innovation, Transformation, and Excellence in Governance Inc. (INCITEGov), and GZO Peace Institute, the event aimed to redefine and rejuvenate support for the Bangsamoro Peace Process. Lakan, our PBCI President, co-led in the interfaith prayers. Joji, CEO of Coffee for Peace, was one of the speakers. The event became a festive reunion of most peacebuilding organizations and leaders in the Philippines and Southeast Asia.

The P4P Initiative, a result of a comprehensive two-year global consultation process, sought to revolutionize peace and conflict prevention efforts by introducing new principles, standards, and metrics. The initiative aspired to create a unified approach to peacemaking while fostering partnerships that could facilitate lasting peace. With the recent publication of the Peacemaking Covenant, P4P aimed to act as a catalyst and bridge diverse stakeholders for collaborative peace-building practices.

The Southeast Asia launch was centered around the theme, “Reimagining and Reenergizing Support for the Bangsamoro Peace Process,” reflecting the significance of the Bangsamoro Peace Process in the region’s pursuit of lasting peace. The event intended to mobilize major stakeholders from various sectors, including business, academia, government, and civil society, from both within the Philippines and neighboring countries. International partners, who had shown unwavering commitment to peace-building efforts, were also invited to participate.

The Bangsamoro Peace Process, a pivotal endeavor, aimed to resolve the longstanding conflict in the southern Philippines and establish the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region. Throughout its journey, the process received substantial support from diverse quarters and international allies. However, sustaining this support and ensuring the implementation of peace-building measures required continued innovation and collective commitment.

The P4P Initiative, with its Peacemaking Covenant, presented a unique opportunity to reinvigorate peace-building efforts in the region. By consolidating insights from global consultations and harnessing the collective wisdom of stakeholders, P4P aimed to transform the landscape of peace and conflict prevention.

During the launch event, participants engaged in extensive discussions, sharing their perspectives, experiences, and best practices to develop a roadmap for supporting the Bangsamoro Peace Process. The occasion fostered an atmosphere of unity, cooperation, and solidarity, paving the way for a renewed commitment to peace in the region.

Through the active participation of diverse stakeholders, the launch became a milestone in the pursuit of peace. Participants explored how P4P could effectively contribute to revitalizing the Bangsamoro Peace Process and strengthening the mechanisms for peace-building practices in the region.

The Principles for Peace Foundation, GPPAC, IID, INCITEGov, and GZO Peace Institute expressed their gratitude to all attendees for their unwavering support and commitment to peace. The event concluded with a collective determination to work together, transcending barriers and fostering collaboration to create a peaceful and harmonious future for all.

As the launch concluded, the organizers emphasized that this was just the beginning of an ongoing journey to reimagine and re-energize support for the Bangsamoro Peace Process. With the P4P Initiative serving as a guiding force, the path towards sustainable peace in Southeast Asia seemed more achievable than ever before.

The P4P Southeast Asia launch provided a platform for collective action, fostering collaboration, and redefining peace-building efforts in the region. It served as a testament to the power of unity and the potential of innovative initiatives like P4P to shape a brighter, peaceful future for the Bangsamoro people and the broader Southeast Asian community.

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