May we truly experience being healed as one country of many first nations, religions, ideologies, languages and cultures in this archipelago. May we all learn to listen to each other twice as much as we utter our words. May we learn to harmonize our differences like the different instruments and sounds in an orchestra, like the different colours in a mosaic, like the different parts of a healthy body.

We pray for competent leaders.

May their relationship with You, our Creator, be so harmonized that their wisdom, knowledge, statements, decisions, and policies would reflect Your character, O Creator—Truth&Love, Justice&Mercy. Please let them experience the ultimate reality that You are Most Gracious and Most Merciful. May they truly lead us towards peace and reconciliation.

May their relationship with their being be so harmonized that their past and present wounds and pains—mental, emotional, physical—would be healed. May their radical healing be projected in the radical healing of our people and our land so that the political and economic systems will demonstrate genuine justice, lasting peace, and true reconciliation.

May their relationship with the people be so harmonized that their policies and actions reflect genuine love of neighbors. Through a genuine love-energized governance, may their actions result to having adequate income, adequate food, adequate shelter, adequate health care, adequate education, adequate services—for all and not just for some. May our people learn to express themselves—their rights, their responsibilities, their positive expectations for good governance, their critical assessment on aspects of governance that need correction—with truth-supported, love-energized, justice-based, and peace-oriented activism.

May their relationship with the creation be so harmonized that their economic and ecological policies would reflect justice, healing, sustainability, and regeneration. May their governance realize the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as an authentic commitment and not mere propaganda. May our land truly experience and enjoy genuine sustainability in our understanding and practice of inclusive development—in serving the people, in our pursuit of peace, in our ventures for progress, in our initiatives for partnership, and in our care for the planet.

Heal us as one, O loving Creator.


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