Around 20 leaders and executives of various international non-government organizations gathered together to share insights and perspectives on how they are managing their strategic journey from internationally-funded peace and development project to locally-sustained inclusive development movement. 12-13 March 2019. Bangkok, Thailand. PBCI-CFP Photo.

CDA Collaborative Learning and Stopping As Success Consortium invited PBCI-CFP, along with 20 other international participants, to share our insights and perspectives on how we are managing our strategic journey from internationally-funded peace and development project to locally-sustained inclusive development movement.

The consultation was held last 12-13 March 2019 at the Aloft Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand.

Stopping As Success is a collaborative learning project led by Peace Direct, Search for Common Ground, and CDA. It is focused on examining responsible and successful INGO exits and transitions in support of locally-led development.

Lakan Sumulong, Chief DreamWeaver at PBCI-CFP, shares the journey of Coffee For Peace, the social enterprise developed and being operated by PeaceBuilders Community, Inc. as a case of a planned exit for an international non-government organization (INGO) towards localized, sustainable, and regenerating peace and development operations. 12-13 March 2019. Bangkok, Thailand. Photo by Gus Miclat, Initiatives for International Dialogue.

The two-day meeting included a joint review of the emerging themes, a discussion of similarities and differences in participants’ experiences of transitions as well as practical and policy implications for INGOs, local partner organizations and CSOs, local governments and donors. 

“I am writing to express my gratitude for the time you have given us… for your openness and reflection, for your guidance and inspiration,” said Isabella Jean, Director at Collaborative Learning, in an email to Lakan. “Our continued analysis of case study lessons and our planning for next steps for this learning project,” she adds, “has been enriched by your invaluable insights, suggestions and wisdom.”

PBCI-CFP expects the consortium to integrate the participants’ feedback into case studies, issue papers, and publish brief summaries of the transitions that have been documented. We also hope that the consortium will share learning products with a wider network later and dive into practical implications of the lessons and resource development.

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