We promised to return to Kalinga with a team of technical consultants. And we did return with a team of technical consultants.

The leaders of the Kalinga Peace and Reconciliation (PAR) Community — Malou ‘Migs’ AlngagChupan Chulsi, and Em Velasco — welcomed the Inclusive Development Consulting Team of the PeaceBuilders Community, Inc. (PBCI) and Coffee For Peace (CFP).

The seven-member 2018 PBCI-CFP Kalinga IncluDev Team were from Davao and Manila: Sihaya Ansibod (Trip Leader & Community Development Specialist); Aiza Wanay (Assistant Trip Leader & Coffee Grading Specialist); Joji Felicitas Bautista Pantoja (Inclusive Development Consultant); Bennette Grace Tenecio Mañulit (PsychoSocial Development Consultant); Clay Rojo (Coffee Farming Management Consultant); Aj Moldez (Innovation & Planning Consultant); and, Lakan Sumulong (Information & Communication Consultant).

PBCI-CFP Inclusive Development Consulting Team takes time to capture these moments of bonding with the Kalinga Peace and Reconciliation PAR) Community leaders.  L-R: Aiza Wanay, Bennette Manulit, Sihaya Ansibod, Malou Alngag, Juanita Chulsi, Joji Pantoja, Em Velasco, Clay Rojo, AJ Moldez, and Lakan Sumulong.  Tabuk City.  09 June 2018.

The objectives of this PBCI-CFP IncluDev Consulting Trip were threefold: (1) to listen to the tribal elders of the Sumacher and the Banao communities — with special sensitivity to their struggle for their Right to Self Determination and the protection and preservation of their Ancestral Domains; (2) to respond to their invitation to assist their respective communities with technical resources towards inclusive development; and, (3) to help in the resource mobilization towards the establishment of a School of Living Tradition for the next generations of the Sumacher Tribe.

This particular visit is part of a continuing journey between certain Kalinga tribal leaders and clan leaders since 2010. The roots of these relationships went deeper through a series of exchange visits between the leaders of Tabuk-based PAR Kalinga and the Davao-based PBCI-CFP leaders.

Our woman of peace in Kalinga. The key person who embraced us into this deepening cross-cultural relationship and inclusive development partnership is Madam Janet Alngag. Mama Jane is the matriarch of the Alngag Clan, from the Sumacher Tribe in Tinglayan, Kalinga. She is a school teacher by profession, and a social change agent in the field of education. She raised up and mentored Tala Alngag Bautista, her grand daughter, who is now the Senior Vice President of Coffee For Peace. Mama Jane is also the mother of Dr. Malou Alngag, a Public Administration professor at the Kalinga State University, who also serves as a member of the Board of Trustees of PeaceBuilders Community.

Lakan Sumulong of PBCI expresses his appreciation to Mama Janet Alngag whom we regard and respect as the Woman of Peace who initially embraced us in Kalinga.

Through the Alngag clan, CFP-PBCI were introduced to the Sumacher Tribe in Tingalayan and to the Banao Tribe in Balbalan. CFP-PBCI were also officially welcomed by the local government of Tabuk City as a partner in inclusive development. This story of network expansion is illustrated through this 5-minute video presentation.

Soon, we were invited by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in Kalinga to help in the long-term process of consolidating the coffee farmers around Tabuk — again, through the leadership of Dr. Malou Alngag. (In this 1-minute video clip, Dr. Alngag is shown facilitating a DTI-sponsored training event among coffee farmers.)

An evening of bonding and dreaming together between the Banao Tribal Elders, the Kalinga PAR Community leaders and the CFP-PBCI IncluDev Consulting Team. We’re grateful to Tribal Elder Royce Lingbawa (green jacket, left), Barangay Talalang’s Captain Clarence Tongdo (black jacket, center), and Barangay Talalang’s First Kagawad Mclean Guiaoan (white tank top, center) who led their community in hosting us. 07 June 2018. Municipality of Balbalan, Province of Kalinga.

Embraced by the Banao Tribe. One of the highlights of this trip, and the latest development in this journey, is the formal involvement of the Banao Tribe into this peace-and-reconciliation framed inclusive development initiative. We met with their elders and agreed together on an inclusive development project starting with coffee. Their tribal elders and the newly-elected barangay leadership invited our technical team to exchange notes with their farmers about coffee seedling bank development and about coffee farming management.

The PBCI-CFP IncluDev Team and the Banao Tribal Elders start the week-long field work by having this fellowship and picture-taking together.

Cared for by the CPLA. We’re also grateful to Ma’am Juanita “Chupan” Chulsi, Vice Chair of the Cordillera Peoples’ Liberation Army (CPLA) who welcomed our whole team to stay in her home at the Camp Conrado Balweg. It was also a privilege to be trusted and be hosted by the Camp Commander, Ka Pablo. This community protected us and kept us safe and secure while in Kalinga. (Here’s a one-minute video of the highlights of our fun-filled experiences within Camp Balweg.)

Juanita “Chupan” Chulsi (yellow shirt, center) opened her home at the CPLA Camp Balweg to be our base of operations while in Kalinga.

The whole 2018 IncluDev Consulting trip was a success and a blessed experience for all of us. For all these things, we give all the glory to the Great Creator.

This trip is more or less summarized in this 10-minute video:

Next steps in this journey. PBCI-CFP will be sending a married couple, Clay and June Rojo, back to Kalinga this coming August. They currently lead the PAR movement in Eastern Mindanao.

Clay graduated from Central Mindanao University in 1987 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture. His major was in Agronomy. When PBCI started working in Bukidnon, Clay—along with his wife, June—gave assistance to our PAR Organizing and Consulting Team. The Rojos helped accelerate the organization and development of the PAR Community in Bukidnon and throughout Eastern Mindanao. Clay serves as PAR Partnership Facilitator and Inclusive Development Mentor.

June has been serving as a local church pastor for more than 10 years. We got to know her when she served as a volunteer with PBCI for a year. We noticed June’s effective and efficient field leadership. Her community organizing skills have been remarkable. So, the PBCI Management Team agreed to invite her to become one of our field staff members, coordinating our Eastern Mindanao Peace and Reconciliation (PAR) operations. June serves as PAR Partnership Facilitator and Inclusive Development Mentor. 

Clay and June will stay in Kalinga for an extended period of time. We believe their expertise will help establish a self-sustaining, inclusive development movement among Sumacher and Banao tribal communities.

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