Joji speaks before the congregational pastors and organizational leaders of Mennonites in Eastern Canada. 50 Kent Ave., Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. 06 April 2018.

Joji Pantoja, our Executive Vice President at PeaceBuilders Community, will be out of the country from 22 February to 30 April 2018. Her first objective was to enjoy a week of vacation with her children and grandchildren in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Presently, she’s on a speaking tour across Canada, representing us to various Mennonite congregations and organizations. As Mennonite Church Canada Witness Workers, Dann & Joji Pantoja are expected to do Canadian speaking tour and coordination meetings every two years. They have been doing this together since 2006. Except this time. Joji has to do this Canadian ministry alone, while Dann need to stay in the field.

Jason Martin (Director, International Witness, Mennonite Church Canada), Joji Pantoja (Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, PeaceBuilders Community), Norman Dyck (Mission Engagement Minister, Mennonite Church Eastern Canada): Strengthening ministry partnerships between PeaceBuilders Community and Canadian Mennonites. 50 Kent Ave., Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. 06 April 2018.


03 First United Mennonite Church, Vancouver, BC
04 Peace Mennonite Church, Richmond, BC
11 Elim Mennonite Church, Grunthal, MB
14 MCMB Staff Meeting, Winnipeg, MB
18 East Zorra Mennonite Church, Tavistock, ON
25 Toronto United Mennonite Church, Toronto, ON

01 Leamington United Mennonite Church, Leamington, ON
06 Mennonite Church Eastern Canada, Kitchener, ON
08 Waterloo North Mennonite Church, Waterloo, ON

Lisa Williams (Director of Communications, Mennonite Church Eastern Canada) and Joji Pantoja (Executive Vice President, PeaceBuilders Community) renew partnership in communicating the ministries of peacebuilding and inclusive development in the Philippines. 50 Kent Ave., Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. 06 April 2018.

Joji is also currently serving as chair of the Peace Commission of the Mennonite World Conference. On 13 April 2018, she will fly from Canada to Kenya.  Joji will attend the triennial Mennonite World Conference meetings of the General Council on 23–26 April 2018, preceded by meetings of MWC committees and networks. She will also join delegates and local Mennonites who will celebrate Renewal 2027 “The Holy Spirit Transforming Us” in Kisumu, Kenya on 21 April 2018.

Joji has been an effective spokesperson for both PeaceBuilders Community and for Coffee For Peace. For the past few years, she has been our ministry’s ambassador to our national and international partners. In 23 October 2015, she represented us to the United Nations in New York to receive an award from the UN Development Program. In 24 August 2016, she was invited as a plenary speaker at a business conference organized by the Asian Institute of Management. In 10 September 2017, she received an award at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Business Award. Earlier this year, she flew to Pennsylvania, USA to meet with prospective partners in inclusive business initiatives.

Our EVP will be back with us in Davao on the first week of May 2018.


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