The PeaceBuilders Community in MetroManila is now a worshipping body.

For the past few years, a group of friends, supporters, members, adherents, and consultants of PeaceBuilders Community in the MetroManila Area have been dreaming of a Sunday morning worship event where they can sing praises to the Creator using the native language and indigenous tunes of their hearts. They also have been requesting PBCI leadership to start a regular forum for a dialogical discussion with each other about spirituality, justice issues, peacebuilding, and creation care as contexts for a Christ-centered discipleship process. These are political activists, academics, entrepreneurs, and government employees in their 40s, 50s and 60s. Some of them have children in the university who are expressing their need for a spiritual community that would also serve as a space for various social concerns and activism relevant to the challenges of their generation.

Finally, events, people, and resources were harmonized together. Coordination among proponents started in prayer, envisioning, and planning for a few weeks.


This morning, we started Sumamba At Makibaka (Tagalog for Worship and Struggle). This is a regular, inter-generational gathering  —

  • to WORSHIP the Creator together;
  • to INSPIRE one another through our communal learning;
  • to have FELLOWSHIP — that is, voluntarily sharing of life and resources as energized by the Spirit; and,
  • to ENGAGE ourselves together in justice-based peacebuilding wherever we’re planted by the Creator

so that Peace and Reconciliation may bloom in and through our lives this week.


The event is held every Sunday morning at 10:00. The venue is at the La Taza Coffee Shop, 1282 Laon Laan St., Sampaloc, Manila.

PeaceBuilders Community – MetroManila, being located in the National Capital Region, is also the connecting point between our communities in Northern Philippines and Southern Philippines.



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    • Eli J. Belinario on 27.April.2016 at 2044
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    Paano ninyo isasagawa ang pakikibaka? Makibaka kanino?

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