The staff of PeaceBuilders Community and Coffee For Peace gathered for a special fellowship to celebrate Christmas 2015. Everybody participated to make this modest celebration a loving, just, peaceful, and joyful demonstration of our relationships as a community.

The Administrative Staff designed to make this event more memorable by being simple and yet meaningful. We avoided expectations and obligations that are commercially-influenced. Gifts for children were chosen based on its fun-filled educational values. Gifts were given based on various creative expressions of each individual and family.

The Coffee For Peace Staff prepared a simple program designed to attract voluntary participation from everyone. The emphasis was to express some aspects of our being rather than a focus on having. The PeaceBuilders Staff prepared the food — specially prepared but within our budget.

The themes that energized the whole event, from afternoon to evening, were Gugma (Love), Katarong (Justice), Kalinaw (Peace), and Kalipay (Joy). These were the insights we have observed while reviewing the event surrounding the birth of a Jewish Palestinian baby boy who was actually God’s Love in flesh and blood — whose parents were forced to leave their homes during his birth month for the purpose of taxation under an unjust political system. There were the shepherds, representing the poor and the powerless segments of their society, who were first invited to witness and to share such a humble, cosmic giga-event. There were extra-terrestrial messengers of the Creator proclaiming peace on planet Earth and singing joy to the whole world.

We ended the celebration praying The Lord’s Prayer — imagining the reality of God’s kingdom and God’s will coming on earth “as it is in heaven.”

A new world is possible. We believe.



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