“The prayer retreat strengthened our relationship with one another.” — The staff and some board members of PeaceBuilders Community and Coffee For Peace pose for a picture with Gordon Janzen and Willard Metzger of Mennonite Church Canada during the 2014 PBCI-CFP Retreat. Villa Amparo Resort, Samal Island, Davao del Sur. 30 May 2014.

These last two years, the recurring events and disasters (typhoons, earthquakes, skirmishes) had kept our teams very busy. In 2013, the team decided to pass on the retreat and save the money for Pablo survivors instead. But now in 2014 we were really missing the fellowship, especially that our various teams are more and more scattered across the Philippines. The time had come for a new team retreat.

And it was a blessed time.

2014-pbci-cfp-retreat-02It happened last 30-31 May 2014. Nenia organized it so well, making sure that everyone had a bed and nice roommates, handling the last minute guests, consulting us on the menus and balancing the program between formal meetings and recreations.

On Friday we arrived at Villa Amparo, a beautiful resort on Samal’s beachfront. “We” are PBCI and CFP staff, volunteers, friends, board members, spouses, children, and even Mennonite Church Canada executives! After many “Ooohs” and “Aaahs”, we settled for lunch and shared time to pray and play, sing and swim, talk and walk. Later that afternoon we had the pleasure to hear more about the work of the team in Leyte (Kriz, Sheryl and Toto) through pictures and stories.

On Saturday, we were lead into a second time of fellowship by the Bukidnon team, who told us about their joys, their successes, their struggles and their projects. We shared prayer requests, blessings received, and worshipped together. We were glad to hear that the initial midmorning departure time had been delayed to early afternoon, and many of us joined the children into the sea for a last swim.

Soon, too soon it was over and we jumped back into our different vehicles, full of new memories and revived for another year!


The prayer retreat strengthened our relationship with one another and encouraged us to do more and work hard. We are really glad to hear how people respond to the PAR training and the 4 harmonies. And we are also encouraged by how God answers prayer and provides for His people who are working for His glory.

Cathy, CFP Staff



It was refreshing and relaxing.

June, Bukidnon Team



These two days were great! It was nice to see the community growing, and to see everybody relax with their families.

John Mel, Bukidnon Team



My 2 day experience was amazing! I was able to spend it with my nicest friends and had quality time with my beautiful family. I am indeed a LUCKY man.

Toto, PBCI Transporter


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