The pastors and representatives of most vulnerable neighborhoods in Ormoc City receive 300 shelter repair kits from PCEC representatives through a prayer of thanksgiving. Ormoc City was the pilot of this program.

Super typhoon Haiyan destroyed more than one million homes in its path. In response, the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches (PCEC), through the leadership of Bishop Efraim Tendero, aims to distribute 30,000 shelter repair kits (SRK) to pastors and to the most vulnerable families in their respective communities.

Each PhP15,000 worth of SRK consists of:

  • 14 GI Sheets .26 X 12
  • 20 Coconut Lumber 2X2X12
  • 20 Coconut Lumber 2X3X12
  • 3 kg Common Nails #4
  • 3 kg Umbrella Nails #3
  • 3 kg Nails #2
  • 3 pcs Ridge (Sheets)
  • 6 Marine Plywood 1/4X4X8
  • 1 Saw Generic
  • 1 Hammer Generic
  • 1,000 pesos cash for transportation

Dann Pantoja was appointed by Bishop Tendero to be the over-all coordinator of field operations for this project. Dann is assisted by key field personnel of PeaceBuilders Community to accomplish the following tasks:

1. To identify and qualify families who are most in need of SRK based on Sphere Standards;

2. To develop a user-friendly information and communication system for the efficient and effective operations of this project through a competent ICT team;

3. To organize provincial and municipal/city coordinators among ministerial fellowships;

4. To oversee the coordinators’ action, making sure that SRKs move smoothly from shipping, to receiving, to distribution, to construction;

5. To monitor and document the use of SRK based on its stated purpose;

6. To store all the information and lessons learned in a centralized information and communication system;

7. To report regularly to the National Director of PCEC.

There are more than 20 international Christian aid organizations who are networking together to help the survivors of Haiyan. We refer to this as the Philippine Evangelical Disaster Response Network. This was conceptualized when more than 200 evangelical leaders from 17 nations gathered in Manila, Philippines last 16-20 September 2013 for a consultation on disaster risk reduction and management.


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