Mei Solocasa (Mindanao PeaceBuilding Coordinator) leads her team to do needs-assessment and recipient-identification. Monday, January 02, 2012.

02. January. 2012 — Mei Solocasa (Mindanao PeaceBuilding Coordinator, PBCI)) took a plane from Davao City to Cagayan de Oro City. She was sent to lead an advanced team to identify 1,500 families among the Sendong survivors who live in less reached communities.

Her report:

There are 800 households that were identified who need kitchen utensils, clothes, food, water, psycho-social intervention, and healthcare services.

There were around 3 relief operations held in this area since the typhoon Sendong but the goods were good enough for just a few days.

The main sources of income of the people are greatly affected–the tricycles for public transportation were washed out and need repair, the group of people who makes rags have their sewing machine destroyed by the muddy water, the goods of the mini-stores were washed out. With this situation, it is harder for people to start this year when basic needs cannot be met.

03. January. 2012 — At the time of this posting, Mei and Sherel Quider (Asst. Project Leader, Bukidnon Field Operations, PBCI) are doing needs assessment and recipient identification in Iligan City.

Meanwhile,  food, water, clothing, sleeping mats, pots & pans, and medicines are being transported to be delivered to 1,500 families.

Our teams — Relief Team, Trauma Intervention Team, Medical Team, Media Team, and PAR Crisis Leadership Assessment Team — are also on their way to Cagayan de Oro and Iligan. We will serve Cagayan de Oro families Wednesday, 04 January; then we’ll proceed to serve Iligan families on Thursday, 05 January. We’ll travel back to Davao City on Friday, 06 January.

Please indicate if you’re with us in prayer by making a comment below. It means a lot to us!

God bless you.

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    • Joy on 03.January.2012 at 2206
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    I’m praying that God guides and protects you, that He helps you help the people in need, that this works for good for all of you and for God’s glory. Thank you for what you’re doing to help these people in crisis.

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