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28 November 2011—Maguindanao.

Peacebuilders Community, Inc. conducted a Medical Outreach in Brgy. Bagoinged, Municipality of Pagalungan, Province of Maguindanao. The medical outreach was held in Bagoinged Elementary School, where the School Principal and the Barangay Captain warmly welcomed the team.

PBCI Healthcare Specialist, Mei Solocasa, led the PBCI team and some volunteer nurses from the community in conducting patient assessment and check-up. She prescribed medicines for those whose illnesses can be cured by medicine.

Kriz Cruzado, Director of Field Operations, distributed the medicines, to make sure that the prescribed medicines are properly given to the patients.

Bennette Tenecio, Trauma Healing Specialist, conducted a Trauma healing session among the children in the community. Two BSc Psychology students from Ateneo de Davao University volunteered to be part of the Trauma-healing session for children. The volunteers, Kim and Rodge, shared how the children responded and interacted during their workshop. The effect of war and conflict between the AFP and MILF are very evident in the lives of the traumatized children in that community.

Regina Mondez assisted the patients while they wait for their turn for the check-up and pharmacy, while Byron Pantoja documented the event.

Ustadz Abdulkadir Abubakar, PBCI Strategic Adviser on Islamic Values, coordinated the event with the local community leaders. It is through his leadership and coordination that the whole team was able to safely conduct the Medical Outreach in that area.

The Peace and Reconciliation Community (PAR) in Cotabato City, headed by Rev. Valentin Juan, supported the event and joined the team. Four members of PAR Cotabato volunteered to be part of the medical mission. They prayed for the community, and assisted in some of the tasks.

Ustadz Abdulkadir prayed a Muslim prayer for the community while Rev. Val Juan also prayed a Christian prayer. The whole community was shocked and at the same time felt happy that there are Christians who care for them and pray for their welfare.

At the end of the day, there were a total of 131 patients that were checked and given free medicines. There are also around 50 children who participated in the Trauma healing sessions.

We praise God for the volunteers, the teachers in that school, the barangay officials and healthcare workers, the children, parents, and all the people who joined and supported the activity.

Although a one-day medical activity is not enough to cure all the sicknesses of the people in Bagoinged, we hope and pray that this event will signify our sincere respect and care for the Bangsamoro people.    We praise God for Ustadz Abdulkadir and for Rev. Val Juan, who, despite their religious differences, were able to peacefully interact and lead their fellow believers into a successful day with lots of fun and learning.


PBCI Team and PAR Cotabato during the Medical Mission in Bagoinged, Maguindanao



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