On July 28-30, 2010, PeaceBuilders Community, Inc. (PBCI) conducted a Trainers’ Training on Community-Based Disaster Risk Management among the Peace and Reconciliation- Nueva Ecija (PAR-NE) members. This training was held in Central Luzon State University, Science City of Munoz, Nueva Ecija. It was organized by Susan Granada of the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches- Peace and Reconciliation Commission (PCEC-PARC), and facilitated by Joseph Onigkiko.

On the second day of the training, the participants were asked to compose a song based on what they have learned during the previous day of the training. The whole class was divided into five groups and each group performed their songs creatively. The following are the groups’ performances.

The first group composed a lively song that highlights the role of the facilitator in conducting Disaster Risk Management Trainings.

The second group composed a song that focuses on the importance of the environment.

The third group composed a lively song that encourages everyone to organize teams that will be ready to respond during disasters.

The fourth group’s composition was entitled “magpadaloy”, which means to facilitate.

Finally, the fifth group created a song which was patterned after the tune of the popular Filipino song, “Magtanim ay di biro”.

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