PeaceBuilders School of Leadership (PBSL) is the continuing education program for current PBCI staff, consultants, and selected volunteers; it is also the training and qualifying program for PBCI’s prospective Peace and Reconciliation (PAR) seminar facilitators, consultants and new staff candidates.

Mission: To equip effective transformational leaders in the context of 21st century global realities through Inclusive Development, Regenerative Farming, and Social Entrepreneurship framed in justice-based peace and reconciliation principles and practices.

Part of our learning process is to expose the PBSL interns to interact with the nation’s budding leaders in various fields. Here, Wanay and Sihaya attends a modular course on Bridging Leadership at the Asian Institute of Management. Makati City.

Requirements:  This is an advanced leadership development program for those who have completed PAR Seminars 1, 2, & 3. Here’s a sample event of our Basic PAR Seminar.

Learning Resources:

Program:  For both the Seminar Facilitator’s Diploma and  Leadership Mentor’s Diploma, the participants will be given one month to do the required readings and other class preparation. There will be a whole week — Monday to Friday, 8 hours per day — for class sessions. The participant will be given one month to write a course paper.

PAR Seminar Facilitator’s Diploma

SF 1: Introduction to Peace Theology. This is a biblical-theological discussion on peace, centered on Jesus, with emphasis on active non-violence. This course will help the participants to appreciate and to evaluate a biblical understanding and contemporary practice of Peace Theology.  Such evaluation will be done within the framework of social sciences and informed from the perspective of biblical theology.  The participants will be intellectually involved in the current discussions on the meanings, proposals, and tasks of Peace Theology.

SF 2: Peace and Reconciliation (PAR) Principles and Practices. This will be a review of PAR Seminars 1, 2, & 3. Specific materials will be selected based on its contextual significance. The participants will go through a workshop to master the contents of the selected materials. A special emphasis will be given on the Theology of PAR Leadership.

SF 3: PAR Facilitating Skills. This will be a workshop on various learning facilitation techniques that have been proven effective in the various historical, social, and cultural contexts in the Philippines based on PBCI’s 10-year experience of conducting PAR Seminars.

Upon successfully completing all the course requirements and passing an actual teaching demonstration using PAR 1-3, a PAR Seminar Facilitator’s Diploma will be issued to the candidate.

PAR Leadership Mentor’s Diploma

LM 1: Culture, History, and Social Ethics in the Philippine Context. A survey and analysis of the cultural and historical factors affecting our social ethics as Filipinos. The participants will discuss case studies of corruption and transformation from the lenses of spiritual, psycho-social, socio-political, and economic-ecological aspects of our realities.

LM 2: Conflict, Violence, and Peacebuilding in the Philippines. An examination of influential theories about the sources and nature of conflict, violence, and peace. The participants will discuss various levels of conflict — personal, family, community, society — and how Peace Theology is applied in the conflict transformation processes needed for the healing of our land.

LM 3: Transformational Leadership Practicum. An in-depth study of the Theology of PAR Leadership and its implication to various aspects and approaches towards non-violent, radical transformation. The participants will be immersed in communities where practical transformational skills — such as Inclusive Development, Regenerative Farming, and Social Entrepreneurship — will be learned.

Upon successfully completing all the course requirements and passing an actual “PAR Provincial Strategic Plan,” a PAR Leadership Mentor’s Diploma will be issued to the candidate.

For more information, including program fees and other costs, please contact learn@peacebuilderscommunity.org.

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