In the interior of the mountains of Bukidnon where banditry is supposed to be rampant, around 180 farmers gathered for coffee training on 10 March 2013.

A Higaonon tribal member went to the PBCI office in Davao City, six hours away, to invite us to their place.

When we went there, we proved once again that behind the stereotypes are people who are dreaming of a life of dignity for themselves and their families.

The next day, we learned from a local pastor that the military detachment near the place was attacked. Please join us as we pray and pursue in sharing the Shalom of Christ in our country.


Upon the invitation of an evangelical pastor who graduated in the Peace and Reconciliation training, the team held a coffee training for 60 Higaonon farmers in Manalog, Bukidnon.

The team crossed twelve creeks to reach the place which is also the last village that is reachable by the road. Manalog has vast mountains full of natural resources waiting to be tapped.

May the Higaonon people continue in strengthening their being so that the resources given them by the Creator will be used with stewardship.


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