Nov 16 2016

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16 November 2016. It was a pleasure to be visited by friends and colleagues in the Gospel ministry: Renato Constantino (Saddleback Church Philippines), Nasali Cornelio Silava (CBAP Northern Mindanao), Norman Naromal (CBAP Southern Mindanao), and Mike Constantz (Saddleback Church, Lake Forest, CA).


It’s always fun to hangout with fellow progressive followers of Jesus who are willing to stand with the people in advancing genuine liberation from all kinds of oppression.


I love the topics of discussions and specific action plans:


:: Practical proposal and courses of actions towards justice for the victims of all killings connected to Duterte’s War on Drugs.


:: Ideas on how local churches can be equipped with psycho-spiritual and psycho-social skills to do drug rehabilitation ministries that is nationally coordinated.


:: More coordinated advancement of peace and reconciliation ministries in the Philippines.


Thank you Ate Edna Pantoja for hosting us at the Coffee For Peace Bistro.



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Lakan Sumulong

Dann Pantoja is beginning to use his Tagalog indigenous name -- Lakan Sumulong. This is a statement that our indigenous identities can be a redeeming factor in healing our 'being' (that is, who we are as a people); help symbolize our determination to contribute what we ought to be 'doing' as a nation (that is--active, non-violent, radical transformation); and, determine how we will prioritize what we will be 'having' (that is, inclusive growth and national development based on justice and peace).

Asked what fuels his positive outlook in life: “It’s the influence of Jesus, a first century Palestinian carpenter who was executed by the imperial power of his time. He said: ‘Whoever tries to keep his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life will preserve it.’ Jesus defied the ultimate negative factor in our cosmos--death.”

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